Radiation field

In the example #9 (XFEL-driven plasma case), the mean intensity at 3.096E+03 eV is the same as that at 3.103E+03 eV.

Does this mean that the intensity is energy-independent within this energy range and it is zero otherwise?

The radiative rates are calculated by using the mean intensities given at the energy grid.

In this particular example, the radiation field is defined uniform between the two grid point and zero outside the energy range

There is a way to extrapolate the radiation field outside the defined range.

One may put the additional number at the first line then the code will extrapolate the radiation field with 1/(hv)^3 * exp(-hv/Tr) to higher energy and linear extrapolation to lower energy.



Radiation field

The example #9 shows that the mean intensity increases from 9.301E2 to 9.301E15 during the time interval of 1.0E-12 seconds.

(i) How does the code estimate the intensity at an intermediate time?

(ii) Is the intensity zero after 1.0E-12 seconds?

(i) Between the time steps, the mean intensity is linearly interpolated.

(ii) If the time of calculation exceeds the given input time,
the code will complain and stop.