Changes, discovered errors and fixes:

07/29/09 TEST*
03/03/04 Added C-like Z=15-20
01/01/04 Updated Ne~III adjusted using latest energies by A. Kramida
04/01/03 All transitions are under "Transition Rates"
03/29/03 Added adjusted Na~III (git)
03/06/02 Fixed errors in missing levels (Mg atoms), lifetimes
11/08/01 Carbon I updated iincluding all levels up to 9d and 10s
09/10/01 lifetimes of 1S_0 (O-like) corrected
06/29/01 f_ik corrected
05/05/01 Ne-like
05/16/01 F-like lifetimes 2s(2).2p(5)_J=1/2
05/14/01 F-like lsreduce model
04/28/01 O-like lsreduce model
04/23/01 N~I updated
04/10/01 N-like updated.
01/18/01 Lifetimes of O-II corrected.
01/15/01 Fixed Errors in Ne-II. A portion of transition data corrected.
01/07/01 Added E2, M1 and M2 transitions for the C-like sequence