Physical Reference Data
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Saha Database

Code Contributors Institution

ATOM3R J.G.Rubiano, R.Florido, R.C.Mancini, E.Minguez Univ. Las Palmas, Spain
ATOMIC C.J.Fontes, P.Hakel, J.Abdallah, H.L.Zhang, J.Colgan, M.Sherrill, S.Mazevet LANL, USA
AVERROES_C1 O.Peyrusse, F.Gilleron CELIA/CEA, France
DCHK H.-K.Chung, R.W.Lee LLNL, USA
GONDOR C.Bowen CEA, France
MOST-AVE C.Bauche-Arnoult, J.Bauche Lab. Aimè-Cotton, France
NOHEL2e A.Decoster CEA, France
NOMAD Yu.Ralchenko NIST, USA
SCAALP G.Faussurier, C.Blancard CEA, France
SCROLL M.Klapisch, A.Bar-Shalom, J.Oreg NRL/NRCN/ARTEP, USA/Israel
VS_HULLAC9 M.Klapisch, M.Busquet NRL/ARTEP, USA
VS_HYD M.Busquet, M.Klapisch ARTEP/NRL, USA
WHIAM A.Sasaki JAERI, Japan

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