November 15 -- submission deadline
November 23 -- online database accessible (password protected)
November 30 -- Workshop opens
December 4 -- Workshop adjourns

Local Organizing Committee

F. Gilleron (CEA, France)
R. Piron (CEA, France)
M. Poirier (CEA, France)


Call for Submissions: PDF
Experimental Fe spectra (courtesy of NRL, USA and Forschungzentrum Juelich, Germany):
Mini-test files:

description (pdf) | FAC input | levels | radiative transitions | autoionization | excitation | ionization | radiative recombination | Complete database in SQLite format

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The 9th NLTE Code Comparison Workshop

November 30 - December 4 2015, Paris, France

Supported by:

Advanced collisional-radiative (CR) models are extensively used in plasma spectroscopy to analyze plasma kinetics and spectra produced far from local thermodynamic equilibrium (LTE). Non-LTE atomic models also play a critical role in radiation-hydrodynamic simulations used to help design plasma experiments. It is therefore not surprising that verification and validation (V&V) of these complex CR models are of significant interest. Since experimental benchmarks for validation are extremely challenging, computational experiments and comparisons are one of the primary tools for V&V of CR codes. The NLTE Workshops aim at development of such tools and techniques.
Meeting Year Location Results
NLTE-1  1996  Gaithersburg, USA  Lee et al, JQSRT 58, 737 (1997)
NLTE-2  2001  Virtual Workshop  Bowen et al, JQSRT 81, 71 (2003)
NLTE-3  2003  Gaithersburg, USA  Bowen et al, JQSRT 99, 102 (2005)
NLTE-4  2005  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain  Rubiano et al, HEDP 3, 225 (2007)
NLTE-5  2007  Santa Fe, USA  Fontes et al, HEDP 5, 15 (2009)
NLTE-6  2009  Athens, Greece  
NLTE-7  2011  Vienna, Austria  Chung et al, HEDP, 9, 645 (2013)
NLTE-8  2013  Santa Fe, USA  


Similar to the previous workshops, a necessary and sufficient condition for participation would be to submit at least one calculated case. A detailed description of the cases and format requirements can be found in the Call for Submissions.

It would also be very helpful if you inform the organizers on your intention to participate in this Workshop.

Summary of cases for Fe

Te (eV) Ne (cm-3) Trad (eV), dilution factor Plasma radius (cm) Spectral ranges Additional info
30, 60, 120, 200, 400, 700, 1000, 2000, 4000 1014, 1019, 1022, 1024 0 and 250 eV, 0 and 0.02 0 and 0.1 λ=10-18 Å, δλ=0.002 Å (4001 points)
λ=1.5-2 Å, δλ=0.0005 Å (2501 points)
Total of 63 cases
Fit of experimental spectra (links on the left): vary plasma parameters (temperature, density, size) to get the best agreement with the measured spectra from laser-produced plasmas and tokamaks.

We also propose to perform a very limited set of calculations for the same set of atomic data, namely, 1s2, 1s2l and 2l2l' states in Fe XXV, 1s and 2l states in Fe XXVI and bare nucleus (total of 22 atomic levels). The details will be provided shortly.

In addition to the case analyses, we plan to have a special session discussing development and usage of FAC and HULLAC codes.

Location, accommodation, etc.

The meeting will be held in the Atrium Building on the Pierre et Marie Curie University. More details will be provided later.

There are numerous hotels in the area, please see the map on the left.

New message from the organizers (Sep 2):
We managed to negotiate a group-rate in the "Hotel Quartier Latin", which is really close to Jussieu. In our opinion, it is the most pleasant hotel among those we had put on the map. The rate is quite low : 130 euros per night, breakfast included. The hotel is quite small (they have a total of 29 rooms) and they can only put an option on a block of 5 rooms until October 30th. Getting more than 5 rooms is possible, but it will depend on the rooms availability. Consequently, to take advantage of this rate, participants should better book a room quickly (the quicker the better). A condition to get the special rate was that after October 30th, the reservations cannot be cancelled. This was non-negotiable because the hotel wanted to account for the eventuality a cancellation of the whole meeting.

More details on this offer are here.

We plan an informal reception on the night of Mon Nov 30 and a dinner on Thu Dec 3.

Computer Equipment

We will have an Internet connection at Atrium and a dedicated wireless network for the Workshop purposes.

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