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Version 2

Welcome to the NIST Multiconfiguration Hartree-Fock and Multiconfiguration Dirac-Hartree-Fock Database. The MCHF/MCDHF database contains collections of transition data from different relativistic theories by different computational methods. For a few collections the Landé gJ factor is provided. Data may be obtained as follows:

Click on image to access HF Applet   Selecting an element from the periodic table, then a spectrum, a reference number, and a property of interest. This method displays all data that is available for a selected atomic system.

Atomic Structure Codes

Codes used in these calculations are available for downloading:
HFFortran95 Hartree-Fock program.
ATSPAtomic Structure Package (MCHF book version)
ATSP2KLarge scale, non-relativistic multiconfiguration Hartree-Fock + Breit Pauli atomic structure package including MPI versions of some programs.
GRASP2KLarge scale, multiconfiguration Dirac-Hartree-Fock, general relativistic atomic structure package including MPI versions of some programs.

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Georgio Tachiev

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